• Recent Publications


    "Why did Cain Kill Abel?" (B’reishit) TheTorah.com.


    “The Medium of Endor and Saul: Ancient and Contemporary Views” Jewish Bible Quarterly 48(4): 235-244.


    “He said/She said: Shaming, Blaming … Reframing: Impacts and Implications of Childlessness on Relationships in an Ancient Text” with Alison Benjamin, Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling 74(3): 182-188.


    "The Rabbinic Spouse in Contemporary American Fiction: The Rabbi's Wife Plays at Murder, and Other Tales Told Out of Shul" CCAR Journal/The Reform Jewish Quarterly 67(3): 153-176.


    “A Jubilee (50) of Fascinating Facts about the Book of Jubilees" Biblical Theology Bulletin 50(2): 92-96.

    "Romanticizing Samson’s Mother" Women in Judaism 15(2): 1-19.


    "Erev Rav: A Mixed Multitude of Meanings" TheTorah.com.


    "Josephus on the Begetting of Samson: A Treasury of Biblical Tropes" CCAR Journal/The Reform Jewish Quarterly 67:1, 138-154.





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