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    Book Review: ‘Thinking About the Prophets: A Philosopher Reads the Bible, by Kenneth Seeskin,’ Jewish Bible Quarterly, 49:2 (194), 128-30.


    Book Review: ‘Unbinding Isaac: The Significance of the Akedah for Modern Jewish Thought, by Aaron Koller,’ Jewish Bible Quarterly, 49:2 (194), 125-27.

    Book Review: ‘Cain V. Abel: A Jewish Courtroom Drama, by Dan Orenstein,' Jewish Bible Quarterly, 49:1 (193), 62-63. 


    "In/Voluntary Surrogacy in Genesis” The Asbury Journal 76(1): 9-24


    “Four Women in Samuel Confront Power–Part 1: Contemporary Views” Biblical Theology Bulletin 51(1): 15-23.






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